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Kira: April 2014 – December 2014

For about four and a half years, the GPS transmitter has sent regular data about Kira (picture: summer of 2011). From no other bearded vultures have GPS localisations been received over such a long period of time.

The localisations show that Kira has made a small area in the French Vanoise National Park her home. While the female in recent years roamed areas of 2,000 (2010) 18,000 (2011), 10,000 (2012) and 7,000 square kilometres (2013), she only moved in 2014 in an area of 300 square kilometres. We certainly hope that Kira will meet a partner here and soon breed for the first time.

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  • Sunday, 30.03.2014
    Kira: February 2013 to March 2014
    Kira remains faithful to her new home between the Mont Blanc and Torino. All locations of the past 14 months stem from this border region between Ital...
  • Wednesday, 30.01.2013
    Kira: April 2012 to January 2013
    In April, Kira was photographed twice: by Christian Chioso and Dominick Kurstjens. And then again in November by Isis Victoriano Llopis. Compared to S...
  • Thursday, 29.03.2012
    Kira: January to March 2012
    Kira has not shown herself for a long time. However, thanks to the solar transmitter (picture from summer 2010) we still know what she is up to and wh...
  • Friday, 30.12.2011
    Kira: October to December 2011
    After Kira was happily situated in the Upper Valais in the beginning of October, she soon moved on to the neighbouring country – to Italy and the Aost...
  • Friday, 30.09.2011
    Kira: June to September 2011
    Kira seems to like Italy. The whole of June was spent south of the Aosta valley and she moved in a diameter of only 20km. Then, at the beginning of Ju...
  • Tuesday, 31.05.2011
    Kira: March to May 2011
    Kira started the Spring in a more peaceful way than the two young males. In March, apart from a small trip to the Bernese Alps, she mainly stayed in t...
  • Monday, 28.02.2011
    Kira: January to February 2011
    At New Year Karl Krupski was able to observe something special. In the Urnerboden he discovered Kira and was able to watch how the young, female Beard...
  • Thursday, 30.12.2010
    Kira: October to December 2010
    The sunshine on 10th October tempted many people into the wonderful, mountainous world of the Sarganserland. Björn Antelmann and his family were also ...
  • Wednesday, 29.09.2010
    Kira: September 2010
    Kira is also well underway. On the 2nd of September, Ms. Häusler, Mr. Scheuber und Mr. Scheuber senior had a remarkable meeting. In the Sarganserland,...
  • Tuesday, 31.08.2010
    Kira: July/August 2010
    Kira has also become a talented flyer. Despite of her 6.3kg, measured when we fitted her satellite transmitter, she can take off with no problem and g...
  • Wednesday, 30.06.2010
    Kira: June 2010
    Kira is the youngest in the gang. The long journey to the release point was difficult for her. On the first day in the release niche, she curled herse...
  • Monday, 31.05.2010
    Kira: March - May 2010
    Kira has got a long journey ahead of her before she can be released mid-June together with two other young birds (Ingenius, Sardona) in the Calfeisent...