Tuesday, 31.08.2010

Kira: July/August 2010

Kira has also become a talented flyer. Despite of her 6.3kg, measured when we fitted her satellite transmitter, she can take off with no problem and glides around in her circles. If one sees the massive span of her wings it becomes clear how a Bearded Vulture, in spite of their weight, can cover vast distances with no problem. The game warden Peter Eggenberger managed to take a few spectacular photos to document the impressive flight of Kira.

At the moment Kira, like Ingenius and Sardona is flying in the Calfeisental and the neighbouring  Weisstannental. Anyway, Kira seems to be enjoying plenty of attention, as this picture with an Eagle and Common Raven shows. The young birds are seen less and less at the release eyrie. And soon they will expand their radius of action to other areas. We are looking forward to seeing where the first journeys of the young birds will take us.

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