Wednesday, 30.06.2010

Kira: June 2010

Kira is the youngest in the gang. The long journey to the release point was difficult for her. On the first day in the release niche, she curled herself up and buried herself into to the warmth of the sheep's wool nest. However, already by the second day she showed who the mistress of the Calfeisental is.   When Sardona and Ingenius get too close to her food, she chases them off immediately with rough pecks of her beak.

Kira seems to have a massive appetite. She spends most of her days ripping the laid out food into beak-sized portions. Luckily, her future source of food is guaranteed: on the horizon there are plenty of Ibex, their ancestors were released into the federal hunting area of Graue Hörner. The good supply of wildlife means that the young birds will find plenty of food in the form of dead animals when they start, in late summer, to become more independent. In the meantime, Kira is busy training her flight muscles.

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