Monday, 28.02.2011

Kira: January to February 2011

At New Year Karl Krupski was able to observe something special. In the Urnerboden he discovered Kira and was able to watch how the young, female Bearded Vulture glided along the Jägerstöcke. For almost the whole of January the young, female Bearded Vulture remained in this area and the neighbouring Glarus Alps. Then she moved on to the Klöntalersee, a lake located slightly further in the north. Here Caroline Schneider watched as Kira was attacked by Ravens.

However, Kira was not too disturbed by this and stayed in the area of Klöntal and the nearby Muotathal, despite the disturbance, until the end of the month. Thanks to the satellite data, it was possible to see that Kira, Ingenius and Sardona met up with each other again: on the 8th February all three young birds were circling together above the Klöntalersee!

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