Our Work

The Foundation Pro Bartgeier

The return of the Bearded Vulture in the Alps is the aim of our work! Therefore, the Foundation Pro Bartgeier (Bearded Vulture) advocates,

  • that the conditions for a viable Bearded Vulture population are met in the Alps,
  • that Bearded Vultures are reintroduced in sufficient numbers and with the necessary genetic variability,
  • that the resettlement will be carefully monitored and scientifically well-founded, to continuously assess the population dynamics and potential risks,
  • that an optimum protection of sensitive species is ensured and
  • that the general public is informed and a wide acceptance of this species is created.

The Foundation Pro Bartgeier was founded in 1999 as a charitable foundation headquartered in Zernez. She walked out of the company out of reintroduction of the Bearded Vulture GWB which had been called by individuals with an interest in the reintroduction of the Bearded Vulture in 1989 to life. The Foundation Pro Bearded Vulture is the only federally legitimised organisation for reintroductions of Bearded Vultures in Switzerland.

Bearded Vultures roam extensively and live at a low population density. Due to this, the species relies on conservation efforts being well coordinated internationally. The Foundation Pro Bartgeier works closely together with various partners from the neighbouring Alpine countries. Central to this is the collaboration with the Vulture Conservation Foundation, which campaigns for vulture protection at the European level.

To achieve these goals, the Foundation takes all necessary measures and also works at national and regional level with numerous organizations. They also support activities of other institutions or individuals that serve the purposes of the foundation.

The objectives of the Foundation are achieved through the following tasks:

  • Rewilding of Bearded Vultures from the breeding programme
  • Implementation of rewilding of fledglings
  • Careful monitoring during the rewilding period and comprehensive monitoring of the stock (satellite telemetry, monitoring natural breeds, Bearded Vulture Counting Days, monitoring using population genetics techniques, etc.)
  • Theme-specific conservation efforts (to protect against interference, preventing lead poisoning, etc.)
  • Active public relations and communications work
  • Project management, international coordination, administration

This is financed through donations and in kind from private persons, non-profit organizations pursuing similar goals, federal government, cantons and municipalities. (see Donate

Organe der Stiftung


  • Mike Schaad
    Mike Schaad
    Swiss Ornithological Institute
  • Dr. Ueli Rehsteiner
    Dr. Ueli Rehsteiner
    Director, Bündner Natural History Museum
  • Dr. Daniel Hegglin
    Dr. Daniel Hegglin
    Executive director Pro Bearded Vulture
  • Stefan Inderbitzin
    Stefan Inderbitzin
    WWF Switzerland, Communication
  • Hannes Jenny
    Hannes Jenny
    Hunting and Fishing Inspector, Canton Grisons
  • Hans Schmid
    Hans Schmid
    Swiss Ornithological Institute, Head of Department, monitoring birdlife


  • Dr. Daniel Hegglin
    Dr. Daniel Hegglin
    Executive director Pro Bearded Vulture
  • Franziska Lörcher
    Franziska Lörcher
    Deputy Executive Director

Responsible for Monitoring

  •  Dr. David Jenny
    Dr. David Jenny
    Regional Coordinator, Graubünden
  • Franziska Lörcher
    Franziska Lörcher
    Regional Coordinator Central Switzerland
  • Julia Wildi
    Julia Wildi
    Regional Coordinator, Western Switzerland
  • Marco Zahnd
    Marco Zahnd
    Regional Coordinator, Bernese Oberland


  • Prof. Dr. Raphaël Arlettaz
    Prof. Dr. Raphaël Arlettaz
    Head of Conservation Biology, University of Bern
  • Dr. Britta Allgöwer
    Dr. Britta Allgöwer
    Director Nature Museum Luzern
  • Dr. Daniel Hegglin
    Dr. Daniel Hegglin
  • Dr. David Jenny
    Dr. David Jenny
    Researcher, Ornithological Institute
  • Franziska Lörcher
    Franziska Lörcher