Wednesday, 30.01.2013

Kira: April 2012 to January 2013

In April, Kira was photographed twice: by Christian Chioso and Dominick Kurstjens. And then again in November by Isis Victoriano Llopis. Compared to Sardona or Ingenius, Kira moved south soon after the release in 2010 in the Calfeisental and has since mostly been been in the Aosta Valley, Gran Paradiso National Park and south of Val d'Isere.

In these regions she is moving around on a small scale. It is not, of course, usual that we know about Kira, as well as Ingenius, for over two and a half years, where she has spent every day. So far, the batteries of the transmitters were flat at the latest after one and a half years. Unless the transmitter does not prematurely fall off the marked animals, it is now possible thanks to solar technology, to track the Bearded Vultures over consecutive years. This gives us new insights into the behavior of "adolescent" vulture.


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