Wednesday, 29.09.2010

Kira: September 2010

Kira is also well underway. On the 2nd of September, Ms. Häusler, Mr. Scheuber und Mr. Scheuber senior had a remarkable meeting. In the Sarganserland, near to the Krete between Schilstal and the Murtal, Kira was sitting only metres away from the hiking route. She stayed there, peacefully watching the hikers, only flying away when they reached a distance of about 30m. On the 6th September Kira showed herself in this area again. This time it was Mr. and Mrs. Leibundgut who were able to capture Kira flying together with Sardona.

Kira spent the rest of the month in the area and toured mostly in the borderlands of the Cantons St. Gallen and Glarus. We found out this from the satellite data, which we also received from Kira at regular intervals. Obviously, she likes it in the national hunting area of the Graue Hörner. Here, where 99 years ago the first ibexes in Switzerland were released into the wild, she can guarantee enough food, even in winter. Thus, we are left wondering if Kira will stay in the area or if she, like Ingenius and Sardona will move on further.

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