Tuesday, 31.05.2011

Kira: March to May 2011

Kira started the Spring in a more peaceful way than the two young males. In March, apart from a small trip to the Bernese Alps, she mainly stayed in the border areas of the Cantons Schwyz and Glarus (see orange line). Mid-April the young female could be found in the area of the Säntis, where she stayed for three weeks (see green line). Here she was discovered by Therese Hotz on the 6th May and was observed as she circled below the Lüthispitz .

After this Kira spent two weeks in the well known region of central Switzerland. However, in May the travel bug also reached Kira. In two days she flew on the southern edge of the Alps to Torino (white line). Here she moved around until the end of the month within a very small area. We are interested to see if Kira will return soon to Central Switzerland or if she will stay longer in the Italian Alps.

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