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Madagaskar: September 2013 to July 2014

In early May, Meinrad Ackermann sent great photos to us of a young vulture that he was able to observe in the Weisstannental. In the photos the foot rings are visible, with which we mark every bearded vulture individually. This enabled us to identify this individual clearly as Madagaskar. Like his friend Sardona, he also appeared this year at the rewilding place, this was only shortly after the release of the two young vultures Noel-Leya and Schils.

The opportunity for a great comparison came when the now three-year Madagaskar landed next to Sardona on a rock: The breast feathers of Madagaskar appeared silver but those of Sardona shone rust-red. The red colour of Sardona comes from bathing in the iron oxide-containing mud. We hope that we can continue to observe Madagaskar in Sarganserland.



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