Tuesday, 30.04.2013

Madagaskar: December 2012 to April 2013

Madagaskar spent December in France. This is proven by many lovely photos that have been sent to us by French colleagues. On the 6th December Gérard Autran spotted Madagaskar near Haute Tinée (France), as he held a piece of bone or wood in his claws. Two days later he was photographed in the same region by Jean-Christian Piques. On 19th December he was discovered slightly further north near Ubayette by Florent Favier. Interestingly, these are both regions where breeding pairs have already been established.

Mid-March brought a big surprise: Michel Kurz sent us a photo of a Bearded Vulture near Westfalenhaus (Tyrol) as it passed a group of Chamois. On closer inspection we could clearly recognise the visual markings of Madagaskar. It would seem that the young male is undertaking longer journeys again. At the moment he is discovering the Austrian Alps.