Wednesday, 31.08.2011

Madagaskar: June to August 2011

Madagaskar has settled down to life in the Calfeisental even though, at the beginning of the release process, he was bullied by his two bigger colleagues, Tamina and Scadella. The wonderful view from the eyrie over the impressive valley with its jagged rocks seems to awaken his curiosity. He is the first of the three young vultures to explore, not only on foot, but also flying. This makes him very hungry!

Soon Madagaskar is an excellent aviator who can use the upper winds to his advantage to sail over the summits. For fun, he chases two playful ravens. Some of his feathers have been bleached in a specific pattern. This means that Madagaskar, like all the other released Bearded Vultures, can be clearly identified using binoculars or a telescope when he is discovered on one of his tours through the Alps.