Thursday, 23.04.2015

Noel-Leya: December 2014 to mid- April 2015

Noel-Leya spent the winter in the Nature and Animal Park and is now back in full health. Now the spring conditions are ideal for a second start for him. On April 10th it was time. In Goldau Noel-Leya was fitted with a new GPS transmitter. After this we moved to the Surselva, where he was residing last autumn. We choose this area to rewild him, so that he can orientate himself quickly. 

At Dieni-Milez in Sedrun the journey continued for once with the chair lift and not with wings. Once at the top, the group, consisting of two gamekeepers and the team of the Foundation Pro Bearded Vulture, looked for a suitable place that offered Noel-Leya a good overview of the area. Once a good place was found Noel-Leya was placed on the ground in the snow. First, the young bird observed the terrain extensively. At last, with a big hop, he was on his next flight. Already after one sweep around Noel-Leya disappeared into a side valley.

But, a short time later, he appeared again and showed us that he had not forgotten how to fly. Circling higher and higher , he was briefly accompanied by a Red Kite. So far the GPS data shows that Noel-Leya is well on the move again and undertakes extended flights.

All the action was captured on film for you: short film by the filmmaker Lucas Pitsch>>.


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