Tuesday, 05.07.2016

Gallus: December 2013 – December 2014

In January Guy Salamin observed Gallus near Salquenen in Valais. On his photo, bleached feathers in the right wing are clearly visible. It is also possible to see a gap at the base of the left wing. This will prove to be very helpful for us.

In mid-April are all localisations come from the same place, which is not accessible. But a photo from André Meyer, arriving a little later showing an identical mark and the same plumage gap as the January image, gives us the certainty that Gallus is doing well, but is on the move without a transmitter.


In early May Mathieu Sciberras sent us more images of Gallus, who is travelling with a second young, Bearded Vulture in Chamonix.  This was the last message received about Gallus. So that we can, in the future, continue to follow the life of Gallus, we rely on reports of observations, with photos, from you (report observation >).