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Noel-Leya: Back in Calfeisental

From France directly back to Sarganserland

For a long time, it seemed that Noel-Leya preferred the French Alps - where he stayed almost the whole year 2016 - to the mountains in Sarganserland. But in spring the male Bearded Vulture surprised us when at the beginning of April he flew via Nendaz - Lauterbrunnen - Meiringen - Wendenstöcke - Silenen - Muotathal - Klöntal and Weisstannental directly to Calfeisental (see map).

Noel-Leya not alone in Calfeisental

During a field check in spring, our project team member Franziska Lörcher was able to observe three Bearded Vultures in the Calfeisental: two adult individuals and Noel-Leya. Noel-Leya circled very low above the alpine hut of Plattenalp and seemed to observe exactly who or what was moving. A week later, Noel-Leya could still be observed in Calfeisental. Gregor Olawsky managed to photographically capture his encounter.

Seven months in the same region

To our delight, Noel-Leya’s trip to Calfeisental was not only a short trip. Satellite data shows that Noel-Leya also spent the whole summer and autumn in the Calfeisental and the adjacent valleys. So we can justifiably hope that the young male Bearded Vulture will now stay here and become firmly established in the region of his release.


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