Thursday, 30.12.2010

Sardona: October to December 2010

After some exploratory tours in September, Sardona is staying local in the region of his release and has been spotted a number of times: for example, in the Pizol area (SG), in front of a whole group of hikers. Despite the crowd, the curious young man circled calmly in the vicinity and then scrapped with two crows before putting some distance between him and the surprised hikers. Regina Maag and Winfried Huppmann have sent us pictures from this meeting with Sardona. We also received a picture from the Flumserbergen: on 15th October Erika Brueren was able to photograph Sardona in a windy sky.

Meanwhile, Sardona has coped well with the start of winter. During the first icy-cold snow days, he moved back to the Calfeisental along with Ingenius. The region of the release seems to be well-loved by the young vultures – here they will be able to find enough food even in the critical parts of winter. We are, therefore, confident that they will overcome their first winter and will start their second year of life strong and well-nourished.


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