Friday, 31.10.2008

Ikarus: July – October 2008

Like his namesake, the Bearded Vulture Ikarus was flying to lofty heights soon after his first flight. Unlike the legend, we did not have to worry that the young Bearded Vulture male would get too close to the sun – quite the opposite: the sun’s strong rays got the solar transmitter on Ikarus working overtime: in July and August there were almost three localisations per day.  Like NP Stilfserjoch-Haristraufu, Ikarus was nearly always to be found in the Schludertal.

At the feeding place he stocked up with food before going off on his own.  We wondered how so much food could be eaten.  Our photo-trap showed us – not everything was being eaten by the vultures!

In September we reached the conclusion that Ikarus’ transmitter also had probelms and was not sending data.  However, hope remains: we know that the transmitter keeps trying to log in to the mobile network and send data by text-message.  As all the information remains saved in the transmitter, there is a chance that the transfer of data will occur at some point.  Leaving aside the technical difficulties: for us the most important fact is that both released Bearded Vultures are well and, we hope, will survive their first winter.  The chances are high that we will soon hear something of Ikarus and that we can report to you here about the young high flyer.






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