Saturday, 29.11.2014

Noel‐Leya: August to November 2014

Bearded Vulture Noel-Leya appeared to develop well over the past months. But then we had to give the young vulture a helping hand, so that he can continue his independent life. But first things first: In August, the young, male Bearded Vulture extended his forays into the canton of Schwyz, in September and October in the Engadin, to the Bernese Oberland and the Valais. In early October, Noel-Leya was discovered by Werner Scheuber in the Säntis region. He managed to take a snapshot of Noel-Leya. 

Then, in November, there was a sudden end to the long-range flights. The satellite channel shows that the young bird stopped moving. We immediately alerted the gamekeeper Gieri Derungs. He found Noel-Leya not far from Disentis sitting under a fir tree, and he managed to capture the weakened young bird. In the Nature and Animal Park Goldau Noel-Leya was very carefully examined by veterinarian Martin Wehrle. Fortunately, there was nothing seriously wrong. Like other young animals, Noel-Leya had problems to find enough to eat after the first snowfall. Over the next few weeks Noel-Leya will be nursed back to health. As soon as conditions allow, Noel-Leya will be released for a second time. We are pleased to be able to report this.