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Ewolina: Mid-September – December 2015

Ewolina has remained true to the rewilding region for a long time. By the end of November, she had only made short trips to the surrounding areas and was often seen in Melchsee-Frutt. Whilst tidying up the facilities at the observation post at the beginning of October, both Ewolina and Sempach II were observed again. In late November Ewolina then flew to the Muotathal, where she remained for several days and could be repeatedly observed and photographed by Harry Kälin.

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  • Wednesday, 30.09.2015
    Ewolina: June – Mid September 2015
    For us, the monitoring team, it is always interesting to watch the individual nature of the young, Bearded Vultures. So Ewolina, who received her name...
  • Saturday, 30.05.2015
    Ewolina: February – end of May 2015
    BG838. This is the studbook number of the little Bearded Vulture chick that hatched on 20th February in the Nature and Animal Park, Goldau. As yet it ...