Saturday, 30.05.2015

Ewolina: February – end of May 2015

BG838. This is the studbook number of the little Bearded Vulture chick that hatched on 20th February in the Nature and Animal Park, Goldau. As yet it has no name. This can wait. Important now is its care by parents Hans and Mascha. This experienced Bearded Vulture pair has already raised eight fledglings in recent years. Even the re-location, necessary due to renovation work on the aviary shortly before the breeding season, did not affect the smooth running of rearing the chick.

The young bird has to be captured for a short while when it was a month old and a blood sample was taken. Bearded Vultures of each sex look almost identical. So you can only determine the sex in bearded vultures with confidence by using the help of genetic testing.

By three months old, BG838 is already so large the parents no longer need to constantly warm and protect it. So the young vulture spends most of its time alone in the eyrie. Hans and Mascha mainly supply more food to the nest.

May 31st is a big day for BG838! On this day she will travel to Melchsee-Frutt with two other young vultures for re-wilding. There the young vultures will have time, during the summer months, to learn to hold their own in the wild. Before that however, we need to find a suitable name for the 838th bird of the international Bearded Vulture project.