Monday, 30.07.2012

Tamina: March to July 2012

Tamina spend her time up to the beginning of May in Sarganserland and Central Switzerland. After that she flew in the direction of the Engadin and the bordering Italian Alpine valleys. On 25th May it appears that she had a tête-à-tête with Ingenius, as one can see in this photo from Thomas Wehrli.

At the moment we are slightly worried about Tamina’s GPS transmitter. The last position was sent to us on 10th June. Since then, no valid GPS signal has been sent.  Luckily, Tamina has been spotted a number of times. Thus, we know that the young, female, Bearded Vulture is well. Toni Theus was able to photograph her on 16th June near Piz Umbrail and Luca Armellini (Corpo Forestale dello Stato CTA di Bormio) in almost the same place on 25th July. We hope that, despite the lack of GPS data, the regular sightings of Tamina will continue and we will be able to carry on reporting about her.