Wednesday, 31.08.2011

Tamina: June to August 2011

T Since 11th June, Tamina has been sharing the eyrie of the release site in the Calfeisental with two other young vultures, Scadella and Madagaskar from Spain. Sharing the eyrie, food and water was difficult to begin with and led to regular squabbles. However, Tamina (with red foot-ring) knows how to defend herself and was able to hold her ground against her nest-companions.

Tamina was the first to explore the area around the eyrie on foot. Every day the flying practice becomes more intense and starts to develop into short flights. Landing has to be practised well, especially when one is carrying food . As the time passes, Tamina dares longer flights, alone or with her friends. It seems that it will not be long before she leaves the area of Sarganserland.