Wednesday, 30.09.2015

Schils: July- Mid September 2015

Much to our delight, Schils remained after his second release near the rewilding niche in Melchsee-Frutt. So we were fortunate to be able to observe four Bearded Vultures at the same time over two days. Then Schils moved on. First to Surenenpass in Uri where Angela Hünig took a snapshot of the passing Schils. From Urnerland went on to Austria and to Germany, to the Allgäu. Via the Austrian Oetztal he then went into the adjacent Stelvio National Park and the Engadin. Here Schils was observed by the gamekeeper, Daniel Godli, in Pontresina.

Our GPS system told us the path Schils chose to take in the just over two months since his second release. 4251 flight kilometres have been flown. That makes 65km per day. This shows that Schils has recovered well from his trip to The Netherlands. And it is reassuring to see that he is now back in the Alps, rather than in northern Europe, which is dangerous for Bearded Vultures.