Wednesday, 30.07.2014

Schils: June to July 2014

Schils has quickly settled into life after release in the Calfeisental in late May. But unlike Noel-Leya his first flight was only at the age of 119 days, on 22nd June. Much to the delight of the many visitors who visited the observation post that day. In the following weeks there were many exciting scenes for us to observe. Schils had to deal with a pushy kestrel, while Noel-Leya unmoved by the bickering, appeased his hunger with the laid out food.

Particularly spectacular were some minor air skirmishes between Schils and the older Bearded Vultures, on their repeated visits in the Calfeisental . Like his nest mate Noel-Leya, Schils stayed relatively long in the release area. Perhaps the wet summer made the young birds somewhat reluctant to leave the Calfeisental and to explore with longer flights further afield.