Wednesday, 30.01.2013

Ingenius: April 2012 to January 2013

Ingenius is still one of the most active Bearded Vultures. In recent months, he was mainly in the Engadin and the neighboring regions as well as in the area of Calfeisental. On 18th August August Elsensohn could photograph him on the Julier Pass as he posed on a ledge. Through the many photos that we have received from Ingenius, it can be very clearly traced how he, over the past few months, changed his feathers several times.

In addition to the visual observations, the GPS data from Ingenius is very exciting. Thanks to these data, we have known for over two and a half years, in which regions the young, male Bearded Vultures flies. It is nice to see that Ingenius repeatedly visited the reintroduction place. Thus he could be observed by Franziska Lörcher on 21st October as he flew by the alcove, where in the summer of 2010, he took off on his first flight