Thursday, 30.12.2010

Ingenius: October to December 2010

The amount of times that Ingenius has been seen in the last months is astonishing! The first exciting reports were received from Silke Döding. She was able to observe, on 3rd October in the Bisisthal (SZ), how the circling Ingenius was suddenly taken on by a young Golden Eagle. Four days later, Ingenius was seen twice in the Toggenburg near Chäserugg. The nature photographer, Walter Büchi from Zell reported that the young vulture was holding a piece of sheep’s wool in his talons. Thomas Rothlin was also able to observe this surprising behaviour. Is Ingenius already practising nest-building like an adult?

Only one day later, whilst hiking above Davos, Esther Wullschleger suddenly heard a warning whistle from a marmot. A group of grouse flew excitedly away. Then Mrs. Wullschleger also noticed the reason for the panic: Ingenius was approaching and circled for a long time around the Altmann. Sometimes Ingenius was accompanied by curious Alpine Choughs, as Daniel Friedli was able to capture on the 8th October on the southern slopes of the Säntis.

On the 25th October the satellite data showed us that Ingenius had hardly moved in the last few days. Had something happened to him? The game warden from Canton St. Gallen Peter Eggenberger went on a field trip to the Kreuzbergen to check. There he met Hanspeter Gasenzer, who was able photograph how an obviously fit Ingenius flew through strong winds low over the forest and his farm. That Ingenius is strong and healthy is backed up by the evidence of the long tours he has made in the past months