Tuesday, 31.08.2010

Ingenius: July / August 2010

Ingenius does not always have it easy. He may not be the youngest but he is the smallest of the bunch. Kira is always hungry and does not like it when Ingenius tries to take some of the laid out food. Because of this, Ingenius spent much of the first weeks in the Calfeisental trying to keep out of Kira's way and seldom managed to eat in peace. The Common Kestrels also preyed on Ingenius. As they are raising their young nearby, they attack the Bearded Vultures at regular intervals.

However, Ingenius is very canny and has perfected his avoidance technique and, with it, his flight abilities (film from the TV programme “Schweiz aktuell”). Thus, Ingenius is already circling in the neighbouring valley Weisstannental. Ingenius also found out how to deal with Kira: with his quiet and stoic way, he appears to be taming her. We were very surprised when we suddenly discovered the two of them lovingly nibbling each others beaks.