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Kalandraka: September 2014 – December 2014

Thanks to various photos that were sent to us, we know that Kalandraka is mainly on the move in Valais and Haute-Savoie. Several sightings arrive from the Col du Bretolet and are documented with great photos. The images from Andy Wyss show Kalandraka in the impressive rocky landscape.

Yvan Schmidt captured a beautiful, full-format picture of her. In mid-October Patrick Albrecht observed Kalandraka at Derborence in Valais, as she flew with two other young, Bearded Vultures, ravens and choughs.

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  • Saturday, 30.08.2014
    Kalandraka: April to August 2014
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  • Sunday, 30.03.2014
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  • Friday, 30.08.2013
    Kalandraka: June to August 2013
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  • Thursday, 30.05.2013
    Kalandraka: February to May 2013
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