Saturday, 30.08.2014

Kalandraka: April to August 2014

In recent months Kalandraka has explored, the Valais and French Alps. On 24 April she is was captured near Chamonix in front of the lens of Matthieu Petetin, who has a beautiful picture of his sighting.

Suddenly, on June 23rd, all GPS positions of Kalandraka received came from the same place. Immediately François Biollaz from the on-site staff, made his way to a field control. But he found only the lost transmitter of Kalandraka! Firstly, we are very relieved that nothing happened to Kalandraka. Secondly, the loss of a transmitter is annoying. Since the transmitters have a limited lifetime, each attachment has a breaking point. So we make sure that the long-lived Bearded Vultures are not travelling for years with non-functioning transmitters. But even without a transmitter we can monitor the Bearded Vulture. Again and again, photos are sent to us by attentive alpinists. So we were extremely pleased when we received new pictures of Kalandraka in August. The great shots by Jean Voutaz from Valais prove that Kalandraka is well.