Thursday, 15.08.2013

Gallus: Mid-March to Mid- August 2013

The female Bearded Vulture Gallus appears to love the Valais. However, she has also visited the Bernese Oberland, Freiburg, Ticino and even France on her tours.  Positions that have been transmitted to us by satellite. But for most of the time, Gallus was in the Upper Valais. It is very likely that she will, from here, make a visit to the Calfeisental in Sarganserland, Canton St. Gallen. Experience from the project shows that most released Vultures go back to visit the place where they were released.

It is always a pleasure for us to receive photos of the released Bearded Vultures. This time it was possible for the gamekeeper Frank Udry in the Val Derborence and Mr. Gerber near Adelboden to catch a few snaps of Gallus.