Thursday, 30.08.2012

Gallus: June to August 2012

It is always fascinating for us to see how different the individual Bearded Vultures are. From the beginning Gallus seemed to be a bit held back and after the release she was slow in exploring the large release site at the Plattenalp. It also took a long time before the young female braved her first flight. On the 20th June, when she was 126 days old, she took off.

Despite the slow start Gallus proved her independence quickly. Already at the beginning of July she was making longer flights and did not return to the release site. She was spotted already on the 18th July by Rolf Ott and on 27th July by Roman Fendt near the Churfirsten. At the moment Gallus is touring the Valais. With a short stop-off in Italy she flew within a few days to the southern Alps.