Friday, 30.08.2013

Bernd: April to August 2013

M Bernd has caused much excitement with a record flight of over 3000 km. We have already reported about this. Bernd’s tour to the Baltic Sea has been widely reported in the German and Czech media. Her odyssey ended in Sachsen near the Czech border. The exhausted female Bearded Vulture was discovered here by German ornithologists. With the help of specialists from the Czech Zoo Liberec it was possible to recapture Bernd and take her to the Zoo. The veterinary reports show that Bernd was suffering from starvation.

Our colleagues from Zoo Prag looked after Bernd the Bearded Vulture well. She has recovered from all her exertions and has put on weight rapidly. Together with the Vulture experts from Prague it was possible, on the 21st August, to release Bernd for the 2nd time in the Calfeisental. This was a unique experience for us! With a few strong wing beats Bernd returned to freedom and turned a few wonderful circles above our heads. To all of you who have helped Bernd to make her return, in good health, to the Alps we would like to offer you here heartfelt thanks!