Tuesday, 30.12.2014

Bernd: April 2014 – December 2014

„Stop and go“, this is typical of Bearded Vulture Bernd. Several times Bernd has made flights over long distances in the past two years, and then returns again to the small scale. From April to August Bernd spent most of the time in an area of less than 40 square kilometres in the National Park Hohe Tauern. Here Bernd was spotted at the end of April by Reinhard Steiner and was photographed at the beginning of May by a forester.


Unfortunately, the data transmission from the transmitter stopped on 14th August. We assume that the transmitter has fallen off. Fortunately, five days later, we received a message with a picture from Michael Anstett from Naters in the Valais. An image comparison shows that it is, most probably, Bernd. But the Valais picture is not in focus. So we cannot say with certainty whether it is really Bernd. Therefore, we hope to soon receive more photo reports of this young bird. In the map it is possible to see all the journeys Bernd has undertaken since re-wilding in 2012.