Saturday, 27.12.2014

Aschka: September 2014 – Dezember 2014

Aschka was seen in all his glory by Cyril Desage on 23rd September in the High Savoy Alps at Passy. In his pictures the bleached feathers are clearly visible.

But, the next day, worrying signals arrive. They all come from the same place, and the temperature of the transmitter is dropped sharply, which is considered to be a sign of death. We immediately alerted our French colleagues from the Organisation Asters.

On the same day Etienne Marlé checked the location of the last localisations. To our great relief, he gave the all clear. The young bird is doing well, but has lost the transmitter, due to the breaking point of the binding has been reached unexpectedly early. Thus, we are already dependent on messages about sightings of Aschka. As soon as images of her arrive we will be able to provide news of Aschka.