Friday, 30.08.2013

Aschka: June to August 2013

In the rewilding niche on the Alp Platten in the Calfeisental it soon became clear that Aschka was a natural leader and dominated her fellow Vulture Kalandraka. So it was no surprise when Aschka was vehement in pushing Kalandraka away when they were feeding. However, she was more held back than Kalandraka when it came to exploring the surroundings.

But it was Aschka who took off for the first proper flight. It was the 21st June and Aschka was 128 days old. She made rapid progress in her fying and landing skills, which the animated photo series shows well. She was often accompanied by Sardona on her flights. Together they performed many airy flight games. By now, Aschka has expanded her radius of flight to outside of the Calfeisental, which we can follow exactly, thanks to the GPS data.