Friday, 15.03.2013

Gallus: December 2012 to mid-March 2013

Gallus seems to particularly enjoy the Valais. Several reports of sightings have reached us from the Valais Alps. Among these were also some lovely photos. Aurel Salamin shot a successful picture sequence of Gallus showing the young female together with a five-year-old Bearded Vulture. On one photo the colored foot rings can be seen especially well.
The image sent by Marie-Pierre Mettaz is especially revealing. Although we have received no satellite data in December and January, the image from 21st January shows that the transmitter is still sitting well. So it is clear that technical difficulties are the reason for the break in transmission. It was therefore with great joy that a satellite report was suddenly received 14th March! Now we hope that the data transfer works properly again and the transmitter tells us regularly where Gallus is on the move.