Sunday, 29.12.2013

Aschka: September to beginning December 2013

In August Aschka was still largely in the Calfeisental, usually together with Kalandraka. In autumn, the two have finally started to expand their forays. On her first, longer, tour in September Aschka flew to the Tyrol for two days. In October, she went on a two-week circular tour in South Tyrol, Lower Engadin, in Tyrol and the Vorarlberg. In between, Aschka was always pulled back to her well-known Sarganserland.

At the end of November Aschka flew in just five hours from Vättis to the Swiss National Park. At the beginning of December, she was then to be found in the Stelvio National Park. Here she was discovered by Dario Azzalin, who told us how he on the 3rd of December watched Aschka circling together with a fully-grown Bearded Vulture over a scree-slope. Now we are curious to see if Aschka will move on or return again to the Sarganserland.